Cyber threats are asymmetrical.
Chances are, your cyber defense isn't.

Contra is Volo's global cybersecurity boutique armed with leading talent who have stopped major attacks on leading global players and saved companies millions in lost revenue.

Sourced from the senior ranks of the likes of IBM, Orange Telecom, and Red Hat, we focus on nothing but employing the most aggressively asymmetric tactics and bleeding edge tools to turn your attackers into victims.


Combining the Conventional and the Unconventional

Can you really afford to leave your IP and client data behind traditional, symmetrical cyber defenses? Contra’s asymmetric approach to cybersecurity combines conventional tools and radically unconventional ones, in order to keep your digital assets one-step ahead of bad actors.

Contra has taken a military-grade, asymmetric approach that will make you all set with potential security attacks. There’s even more: armed with our team of world-class talent, you’ll step ahead in the game.


IT Management

Infrastructure Matters and We Are Its Masters.

We approach DevOps with security in mind. Being ISO 27001-certified, we are set on creating state-of-the-art infrastructures to increase your business agility and speed up your delivery. We help some of the world’s leading organizations develop solutions and deploy them faster and more securely across local, regional, and global networks.

Continuous Delivery / Infrastructure Automation

ITIL Service Operations

(Incident, Problem,
and Event Management)

Configuration / Externalized Secure Configuration

Source Code / Release Management


SIEM / Monitoring


(Azure, AWS, Google)

Cybersecurity R&D Lab

Building Systems to Prevent Tomorrow's Attacks

We know firsthand that the bad guys are innovating faster than the good guys. That's why we've created the Contra R&D Lab.

Working in partnership with leading research institutions, thought leaders and Western intelligence agencies, we're finding solutions to some of the most complex and important cybersecurity problems of our time.

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