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The way software is being built is changing and that's having a transformative impact on business. If you're not acting on these changes, then your business isn't future-ready. From micro-services to API-driven everything, Volo is investing heavily in next-gen technologies to define what the architecture of tomorrow looks like.


Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Innovation.

Blockchain technologies are taking the world by storm. What sets us apart is our capacity of applying enterprise-grade experience into blockchain. Before we built our blockchain anything, we had already been building world-class, high-performance trading platforms, e-wallets, and payment systems. We aren't new to this field, which gives us a unique perspective on building blockchain applications that do succeed.

Using the power of technology, we are focusing on:


From Token generation to developing technologies to build ICOs to crypto-trading platforms and crypto-wallets, we can build best-of-breed systems.

Blockchain for Enterprise

From banking to the Internet of Things, we are exploring ways to transform technology and increase the security, efficiency, and transparency of the solutions we create for our clients.

Here’s how Volo’s enterprise-grade experience is helping companies win the blockchain game.

Internet of Things

Read on to find out more on how Volo is leveraging the opportunity of IoT connectivity to help industry leaders stay ahead in this data-driven world.

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IoT is Changing the World. We're Changing IoT.

IoT is making the world measurable, responsive, and customized. It's putting power in the hands of people and companies that have never had it before. At Volo, we are helping our clients use IoT to push the boundaries of what is possible.

From building seemingly simple, yet profoundly disruptive, track and trace systems to creating predictive analytics dashboards that will enable unprecedented insight, we are helping companies massively turbo-charge the power and performance of their installed systems.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We are Making the Promise of AI a Reality

We are helping clients harness the power and promise of AI in ways that will give them significant advantage in the next digital decade. From machine vision to facial recognition, we're helping advanced industrial players make tomorrow's promise of AI a reality today.


Integrating AI into advanced Industries. Read on to find out about how Volo architects AI products using machine learning.

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Machine Vision

MRobot: Disrupting the Machine Vision Industry and Marketplace

Find out more about how Volo’s innovative work in machine vision is helping our client advancing in the robot business.

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Machine Vision: We're Inventing the Foundations for an Entire Industry

Machine Vision is rapidly being industrialized, and Volo is doing some of the most important and groundbreaking work in the field. The innovations we bring to the marketplace are laying the foundations of the entire Machine Vision industry for years to come.

Fundamental R&D

The Heart of Competitive Advantage.

The need for the type of innovation that enhances strategic business advantage in ways that can't be replicated is serious. That's why we've created a unique and custom-made offering that connects fundamental industry-driven problem statements with leading-edge researchers from the best of Soviet science. Our job is to be the bridge between these groups and facilitate a level of innovation that previously would have been either unavailable or too costly in Western companies.

Find out more on how Volo’s Fundamental R&D is Generating Tomorrow’s Innovative Products

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