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Mobile Revolutionaries

For over eight years, we have been building remarkable mobile apps with excellent suites of features and solutions that are enabling an unprecedented level of performance for an array of industries worldwide.

Volo’s mobile engineering talent has been architecting and delivering dynamic, enterprise-grade mobile apps – both native and cross-platform – developed for iOS and Android devices.

Whenever you need serious horsepower to drive the world's next big mobile app, we're ready to talk.

Enterprise-Grade Apps

Raising the Bar for Mobile Apps.

We're not just a mobile shop that simply gets an app built, up and running, and out the door. Architecting apps that thoroughly are enterprise-grade - best of breed frontends supported by world-class scalability and performance in the backend - is what we're after.

Time and time again, we've proven our capability to deliver Twitter-level apps that have massively upped the game for our clients without affecting their time-to-market.


Rapid Prototyping

Getting Ideas to a Business Plan-Ready Demo at Light Speed.

We are crazy about creating apps that are about to disrupt industries, but to get there we understand that sometimes prototypes are needed to acquire funding. Our rapid prototyping team will show you exactly how your app will function without having to build a backend that will take up development time and resources.

This gives you everything you need to wow investors with your next world-changing idea.


The Proof: Case Studies

Staying in business is all about being on top of the innovation game. At the same time, it’s equally important for mobile engineers to be able to innovate and add real value to each assignment. We pride ourselves on our ability to go well beyond the brief, delighting our clients with brilliant and unexpected solutions.

Mobile R&D Labs

Want to Know What Tomorrow Will Look Like?

We have created our own sandbox where our team of world-class software architects and thought leaders from our clients explore the feasibility and performance of the next big technology trends before they become the Next Big Thing.

Whether it is high-end image recognition on smartphones or the soon-to-be next big AI algorithm, we are testing the limits of the future.

Getting to Breakthrough Innovation is Systematic.

To create remarkable mobile apps backed by superb software systems, we have systematized our production process that prides itself on world-class expertise, next-gen technologies, and a passion for keeping the experience of technology human.

Here's our approach



Any innovation process that starts with technology is doomed to fail. That's why we always start with researching our clients' business issues and the expectations of their future users.



Our project proposal aligns client vision with unique suggestions and an architecture and process that add extraordinary value to the clients' business goals.



Our three pillars of creating a one-of-a-kind user-centric UI are: efficiency, visual hierarchy, and a simple, smooth flow of story. UX is all about visual communication and user empathy. We put ourselves into the shoes of app users and strive for creating a navigation path that has high responsiveness and builds an experience that adds value.



Fusing all our technologies, methodologies, and expertise together, we craft what we hope will become industry breakthroughs, delivered on-time and on-budget. This isn't just achieved within the limits of process management, but rather due to a mindset that always asks, "How can we be doing this better?"



Our QA team, all cutting-edge experts, take the product through several testing stages to ensure it's market-ready before deployment.



Before our apps are released into the wild, we audit their architectures and code-bases to ensure that they are optimized and secure.



Our world-class DevOps team takes care of product deployment, enabling our clients to stay focused on their business, not the technology roll-out.



Once our apps go live, we continue to support them through regular updates and providing day-to-day maintenance.



Technology is never static. We work hard together with our clients to develop innovation cycles that keep their apps constantly refreshed and relevant.

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